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Diabetes: Diabetics Fight Back

Many cases of diabetes go unnoticed or unchecked before a person or their doctor realizes the inevitable. This disease silently uses destructive high blood sugars to gradually damage the body for months or even years, before symptoms are noted.

This Global Epidemic, according to the US Government has been diagnosed in more than 18 million people, and statistics say that there are over 3500 people diagnosed EVERDAY. That is 1.3 Millions per year and is playing havoc, especially with our young people as well as the older generation because of lifestyle and nutrition choices!

Plus, there are the 60 million or more who are walking around with this deadly disease who doesn't even realize they have diabetes at this point in their life.

Unfortunately, blood sugar levels can be high without a person knowing anything is wrong. They really don't think the tiredness they feel is any more than normal fatigue, especially when their diagnosis is for type 2. Many people fail to recognize anything until it is too late and complications have already begun.

This is A REAL DANGER with many who feel they are ok. Some do not even know what the symptoms are for diabetics. They miss or overlook their diagnosis.

Diabetes damage is progressive because of high blood sugar levels. Fortunately, for most, it is not too late, but damage to eyes, kidneys, heart, and nervous system has silently occurred at some level in most that suffer with a diabetic condition.

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ViaCyte bags $10M for diabetes cell therapies
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