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Diabetes Type 2 and Artificial Sweeteners

Diabetes Type 2 (adult onset)

Refined carbs/sugars are actually the biggest contributing factor to type 2 diabetes--that is, the type of diabetes people develop later in life. The major contributing factor to type 2 diabetes is eating too many refined carbs. Type 2 diabetes is one of the easiest things for your body to heal. Are you ready? It is so simple. Quit eating carbs. It really is that simple. I have yet to meet anyone who was a type 2 diabetic who could not totally control their blood sugar levels without any insulin just by cutting carbs out of their diet.

All Artificial Sweeteners are Hazardous to Your Health. Like most things, everything starts out as a good idea. When NutraSweet was first invented it was actually made from grapefruit rinds. All the studies were done on this sweetener. It passed with flying colors. Then DuPont bought the rights, examined it under a microscope and chemically made it in a lab because it was cheaper. But there was one problem, this new artificial sweetener is essentially formaldehyde. And at temperatures above 95 degrees (the human body is 98 degrees) the artificial sweetener actually changes to formaldehyde in the body. Formaldehyde is the chemical they use to put into dead people to keep them from rotting before they burry them.

Some people want to argue that it takes large amounts of artificial sweeteners to induce cancer in rats. And in the small quantities the sweetener is found in food it is not harmful to humans. To that I have this to say: I don't know about you but I don't want to put anything in my body that causes cancer in any quantity, large or small. Living in the world we do today you are being exposed to toxins that cause cancer. So anywhere I can easily eliminate getting additional toxins, I will.

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