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Diabetes Awareness: Do Not Wait Until It Hurts

Watch for signs of diabetes and catch it early...
There is a sad truth. By the time many type 2 diabetics (and often their doctors) realize action is necessary, the disease of diabetes, with its destructive high blood sugar levels, has been silently damaging their bodies for years.

This damage can be widespread. Complications to the blood vessels and tissues of your eyes, feet, heart, kidneys, and other organs, are likely well underway.

Here is a typical health scenario. You feel out of sorts, but not too bad. But overtime the ill feelings get worse and do not go away. Finally, you visit the doctor because you feel so bad, and you wish to feel better. You are reacting to the current symptoms of a perceived illness, not realizing how long you have actually been sick. This is understandable, but does not allow much room for prevention or early detection of diabetes.

So many people operate from this principle:  "Don't see the doctor, until it hurts." Why do we act this way? Some of it comes from our "busier-then-ever" lifestyles and some of it comes from theidea that "it can't happen to me." There are many reason why we ignore how are bodies feel Or miss crucial syjmptoms, but to point fingers after the damage has started is as pointless. It's a little late to talk about why the damage from diabetes has occured. But you can act to take care of yourself now and spread the word abouut diabetes awareness. As with any health condition, prevention is so much better than treating the disease later.

If you have type 2 diabetes, most of the time you probably don't feel very bad. You might be thinking that because you don't feel very bad, it isn't very serious, and you don't have to do anything about it just now. "I'll wait until it hurts..." You couldn't be more wrong. Constant monitoring is important.

One way Diabetes damages your body is with high blood sugars levels - this can clog blood vessels or cause them to enlarge. These damaged blood vessels than carry less oxygen and nutrients to the different cells they serve. It doesn't matter whether your sugars are high from type 2, type 1, or some other cause - if they're up, they're going to be damage. Type 2 diabetics who let their sugars run high "because they don't feel bad" are doing serious damage to their eyes, kidneys, hearts, and nervous systems.

Suppose you have diabetes, and don't want the complications. Suppose you don't know you have diabetes, but you're from a high-risk group (maybe someone in your family has or had diabetes), and you want to cut the risks. Or, suppose you just want to feel better.

All these are good reasons to seek early detection, grow in education, and practice prevention.

Don't wait until it hurts. Ask your doctor about diabetes and have your blood sugar checked several times a year.

For more information about diabetes, including a Diabetes Quiz and a Free booklet, visit our website at:  http://hope4diabetes.com/info. his 20 page FREE booklet will provide you with in-depth information on comprehensive diabetes care. The 7 principles, or steps, will help you to understand, manage and diagnose your potential diabetes risk.

About the author:  David Anderson , is a freelance health writer at Hope4Diabetes.com

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