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Pre-Diabetes - Get Your Blood Sugar Tested

Get yourself checked to see if you are developing type 2 diabetes.
Not too long ago the medical world identified a condition called pre-hypertension which would indicate your potentional to develop high blood pressure. Now doctors have declared a new condition called Pre-Diabetes to help pinpoint people who are at a high risk of becoming diabetics. Having a doctor check for pre-diabetes indicators is valuable because diabetes is a "silent" invader of your body. Thus, early detection and corrective action are critically important.

The goal with identifying a state of pre-diabetes is to prevent the onset of diabetes from ever occuring.

How do you know if you need testing for pre-diabetes? The truth is that you may not know. Experts estimate, for example, that 25% of all Americans suffer from insulin resistance which can be a condition of pre-diabetes.

It is general human nature to wait until the body produces a pain or ache before we visit the doctor's office. With pre-diabetes, noticeable symptoms like frequent thirst and urination may not occur until the disease has progressed to a point that is is causing considerable damage to your body. Most Type 2 diabetics, for example, don't have recognizable symptoms because the onset of diabetes is so slow.

Your physician can determine if you have pre-diabetes with two common tests. One is the fasting plasma glucose test (FPG) and the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). Both require an overnight fast.

At one point in the medical history, it would have been good enough to pre-screen oneself on whether you should ask for these tests. You would look at your family history and see if any of your ancestors or Immediate family had diabetes. This would be a good enough reason to check to see if you were in a state Of pre-diabetes. Unfortunately, due to poor food quality as well as the poor food eating habits of the typical American and the fact the many prescribed and over the counter drugs can have the side effect of giving one diabetes, it seems necessary for everyone to be tested.

The good news is that you can likely prevent diabetes with early detection and proper care. If you take action to manage your blood glucose when you have pre-diabetes, you can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes from ever developing. The actions that those who are found to be pre-diabetic take include changes in diet and improved physical activity.

Don't wait 'til it hurts. Ask your doctor about diabetes at your next visit and set up a schedule to have your blood sugar checked on a regular basis.

About the author:  David Anderson is a freelance health/wellness writer for http://hope4diabetes.com

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