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Pre-Diabetes: Are The Warning Lights Flashing?

You may not be able to tell, if you body is headed towards diabetes.
Your car has warning lights that tell you about approaching problems, "low oil" and "brakes are on", etc. Your body flashes warnings, too, but not so in the case of being pre-diabetic. Please read this article. What you learn might save you a life time of aches, pains, and costly medical bills.

Have you ever had the "Check Engine" warning light come on in your car? Most newer cars have a system, little computer chips, that monitors the performance of your car. If something is not working properly, the "Check Engine" light usually comes on.

This "pre-warning" system can help you avoid costly damage, which may be occurring within your vehicle, by detecting small problems before they become big problems. Of course, the only way to be certain about what is going on, is to have your car inspected by an expert mechanic when the "Check Engine" light comes on.

Your body, too, has a "pre-warning" system.

With many diseases, your body will start producing symptoms such as aches, pains, fatigue, frequent thirst, and so on. These symptoms are your body's "Check Engine" light, warning you about small problems that are headed toward large problems.

JUnfortunately, with diabetes, pre-warning signs don't always show up so obviously like a light on the dashboard. The medical community is calling this grey area: Pre-Diabetes. Your body is headed towards diabetes, but the body's warning signs are not obvious.

Today, roughly 41 million Americans have pre-diabetes, which if left undetected and untreated, progresses into full-blown diabetes.

The challenge with pre-diabetes is the fact that the condition doesn't like to reveal itself with noticeable symptoms. Because there are few, if any symptoms, most people will not bother having screening tests performed. With pre-diabetes, noticeable symptoms like frequent thirst and urination may not occur until the disease has well progressed and is already causing considerable damage to your body. Most Type 2 diabetics don't have symptoms because the onset of diabetes is so slow.

Don't wait for your "Check Engine" light to come on. Have your blood tested. Call your doctor today and make the appointment.

The goal with identifying pre-diabetes is to prevent the onset of diabetes from ever happening.

Your physician can determine if you have pre-diabetes with two common tests. The fasting plasma glucose test (FPG) and the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). Both require an overnight fast.

The good news is that you can greatly improve your odds and likely prevent diabetes with early detection and proper care.

Don't wait 'til it hurts. Ask your doctor about diabetes and have your blood sugar checked several times a year.

About the author:  David Anderson is a freelance health/wellness writer for http://hope4diabetes.com

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